Health Care Reform legislation is bringing dramatic changes to the health insurance delivery system. Now more than ever, understanding the provisions and how they impact your company is crucial to controlling your costs while providing a strong benefits package for your employees.

You care about your employees, but benefits represent an ever-growing piece of your budget. If you’re looking for ideas of how to offer the best package possible, talk to the Seubert specialists.  We can show you how to reduce poor behaviors to create healthier companies, which results in less risk, fewer claims, and reduced insurance costs. To accomplish this we work to fully understand your needs and make a diagnostic view of your workforce. The end result is a cohesive benefits program driven to increase satisfaction and reduce expenses. A plan that gets your company in better shape – both physically and fiscally.

Beneficial Benefits

Our consultants can help you design a comprehensive employee benefits plan that may include healthcare, disability, life insurance, and retirement products. Our goal is to provide value through a package that balances cost and satisfaction. We achieve this by analyzing your needs and leveraging our reputation and results with the insurance carriers we represent to offer the plan that will benefit your employees and your bottom line.

Innovative Plan Design

Today's health insurance marketplace is evolving with innovative products available to help employers address rising health insurance costs. Seubert has been a leader in designing and implementing "consumer-driven" programs, including results-based health management and wellness programs, along with voluntary benefits.  We also advise our clients when it is appropriate to consider partial self-funded health insurance options.

Getting in SHAPE

Seubert believes the best way to lower health care costs is to improve employee health by reducing their health risks. To do this we have designed a unique and proprietary program, Seubert Health and Performance Enterprise (SHAPE) which engages employees and incentivizes them to take greater responsibility for their health. Companies embracing health promotion strategies have seen measurable results in reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and fewer workers' comp claims.

Ensuring Compliance

Now, more than ever, maintaining compliance with COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, and ERISA regulations is vital to avoiding unnecessary fines and litigation. To avoid getting lost in the shuffle of compliance requirements, we provide you with assistance to understand and comply with these regulations. We provide regular legislative updates on federal and state law and offer a customized compliance plan that tells you exactly what you need to do and when. We offer the best service team, along with the latest in online tools, to ensure you are in compliance at all times.

Empowering with Knowledge

We are well positioned to guide you through the maze of new healthcare regulations because of our long-standing involvement with the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU), whose lobbying efforts on Health Care Reform speaks to our commitment and competence. Visit our Health Care Reform Resource Center for the latest news, articles, and other information. In addition, we offer educational seminars through the Seubert Seminar Series, along with e-mailed news on issue updates and a customized impact analysis to our clients.    

Let Seubert help make you a healthier company.  For more information, contact us.