Private Insurance Client Stories

Meet Della

Della’s son was attending college in California when his musical equipment was stolen from his car.  “He went for a run on the beach, putting all of the trumpets he’s collected over the years in the trunk of his car.  When he got back, everything was gone. I thought the claim would be handled by our auto insurance but found out that only covers the auto itself.  Colleen filed a claim with our Homeowner’s policy and they covered everything, even the leather carrying case.  Chubb paid the claim promptly, which was such a relief as my son would have had to drop out of school if he couldn’t replace his instruments quickly.  Throughout this experience we were handled with care and dignity.  Everyone listened to us and acted immediately, which helped us deal with the stress of the situation.  I’ll never change insurance companies.”

Meet the Gobs

Art and Dawn Gob went through one of the most traumatic experiences homeowners can face: a fire.  “Unless you have experienced a house fire, no one can understand the turmoil and disruption something like this can deal to your everyday lives.  Leaving your home, finding other living quarters, and facing the many things that need to be addressed can be quite overwhelming.  From that very first day, Debbie showed us she cared and allayed our fears of the unknown and Jim at Encompass Insurance assisted us as we worked through replacing our lost items.  You are great agents but more so wonderful, supportive friends.”

 Meet Richard

A long-time Seubert customer, Richard decided to check around with local insurance agents when he moved out of the area.  “I ended up sticking with Seubert because the rates were cheaper than I could get in my hometown and the coverage was better.  The communication is fantastic:  any time I’ve called, the time is taken to answer my questions.  My daughter is just getting her license and Colleen was very helpful.  She researched the best way for me to go, which was to put my daughter on my plan and add her to my policy.  I also needed Renters Insurance and got a discount for placing it through the same insurance company, which saved me money.  I’ve been a customer of Seubert for over 20 years and if I get into trouble, I know who to call because I trust them.”