Webinar: What Makes People Tick (and Click)

The Psychology Behind Phishing, Vishing and Smishing

Join Seubert for a webinar on Tuesday, July 27th at 10am lead by Seubert's Joe Kopoko, and guest speaker, Erich Kron, from KnowBe4.

Phishing and other social engineering cyber attacks have become some of the biggest issues organizations face in our modern time. Even with great technology leading the way, these attacks still get to the users, and unfortunately, they still fall for these tricks. What makes these attacks so successful? Why is it not enough just to know that bad actors are out there?

The answer is that these attacks take advantage of how we are created as humans and the resulting vulnerabilities inherent in ourselves. To defend against these attacks, we need to understand the psychological manipulation that takes place as the cyber criminals continue their never-ending crimes.

During this session, we will discuss:

  • The psychology behind attacks
  • How our minds are vulnerable
  • How we can better defend ourselves and our organizations

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